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We from 2004 year organize and conduct phototours  and tours of various kinds (travel, yoga, ayurveda) to India and Southeast Asia.
On our site you will find details of our next rounds, what is necessary in order to travel, how to prepare for the tour, and a lot of useful and interesting information on the countries in which we operate.
INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA Lmd. - the official Indian travel company operating in the Russian and English languages.
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Photo tours and tours calendar
1124 $
830 $

Tibet Lake Advertising

17.08 — 26.08.2024 (10 days)
865 $

Legends of Tibet: Zanskar

7.09 — 17.09.2024 (11 days)
1380 $
1100 $

Winter Mysteries in Ladakh

7.02 — 16.02.2025 (10 days)
Life — as Wonderful Journey.


Tours in Ladakh, Zanskar, India and South-Eastern Asia.

“The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places. It needs people with moral courage willing to join the struggle to make the world habitable and humane and these qualities have little to do with success as our culture is the set.” 
                                                                                                                                                  –His Holiness The Dalai Lama XIV

OK. Most of the time we live and work on those remote areas, in regions of the planet, where there is entirety preserved the culture of people, next to which it is good to live.
In some ways it had an effect on specifics of our travel company: in fact we are making  streaming commercial tours very little, and more inclined to organize and carry out non-traditional fairy-tale adventure travel of any level for people who are interested in contact with fabulous, healing cultures that make our world lively and humane.

We can talk about such cultures  long and much, and the site of Indian Touristic company INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED is fully dedicated to that theme  - from the tours and trips that we offer, to the directory of articles in which we talk about our personal experience of contact with these cultures and the subsequent changes in our lives.

You can find on official information about our tourist company on the Main Page of the site Project Photo Tour below. Here I want to tell about our company in simple informal language – so it will be clearer with whom and where you are going to travel. 

The main information about tourist company INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED:

Fact 1: We are the tourist company INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED officially registered in India. 
That is why we have a two major benefits of travel: safety and affordable prices. Safety because we live in India, and working officially, know and can solve problems at any level, if such occur.
According to the cost of our tours - everything is clear: our prices are at first hand.

Fact 2: We are working for a long time, since 2004 year. We began to work in Europe, but the attraction to the Asian region was stronger and in 2012 the office of the Company Project PhotoTour and INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED moved to India.

Fact 3: We accept our guests-tourists from all over the world. Our main feature is the fact that we work in Russian and English languages, and therefore our guests don't have any language problems traveling with us.

Fact 4: We are called The Project PhotoTour (INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED), but at the moment we do not only photo tours, but tours of any kind in India.
How did it happen?
At the time of registration of a company our main focus still had photo tours, but over time we were integrated into the culture of India very much, and found a lot of directions, such as interesting, as well as photo-journeys.
Accordingly, the area of our activity expands all the time: doing yoga we began to offer yoga-tours to our Teachers, in Kerala we took courses of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, and now we have experience in it, etc.

Fact 5: The team of the touristic company Project PhotoTour/INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED is international. All of us were born and grew up in different countries, and India united us.
You can see our team here: The Team of Project PhotoTour.

We offer the following types of recreation and travel in India, Little Tibet and Southeast Asia:

1. Photo-journey - exclusive tours for photographers and fans of exotic travel.
The programs of our photo tours are never the same, even if the names of photo tours are identical: from year to year, we are constantly expanding area of our photo tours, we adapt to local celebrations and festivals, including closed to ordinary tourists.
The dates and prices in Calendar of Photo Tours and Tours are fixed, that allows our guests to plan their holidays in advance.

Our photo tours are designed for photographers of all levels, photo enthusiasts and curious travelers.
Why curious?
Because the format of Photo-journeys in essence offers a closer contact with the areas and the culture in which you travel.

2. Tours and trekking in LadakhAll kinds of tours and trekking in Ladakh, Kingdom of Zanskar and Spiti Valley, Little Tibet, India.
The summer office of company Project PhotoTour is in Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.
We live here and we can organize any journey on the territory of Ladakh, Zanskar and Spiti Valley.
We are the only european travel company officially working in Ladakh.

3. Kerala: tours, ayurveda-tours, yoga-tours, journeys, excursions, rental houses, organization of any recreation in Kerala.
Winter office of the company Project PhotoTour/INCREDIBLE HIMALAYA PRIVATE LIMITED is Trivandrum, Kerala.
In Kerala we organize and conduct tours of Ayurveda, yoga tours, excursions and travel around Kerala.
This is the healing and rejuvenation programs, combined with active rest, allowing the body to restore natural resources, gain strength and to spend a vacation unusually.
At your request we can organize any type of recreation and Ayurvedic healing in Kerala.

4. Tours around the South-Eastern Asia from the first hand has an available prices: The Shop of the Budget Tours.
Regions where we work: India, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia. Tour's Shop – this is the tours with fixed program around South-Eastern Asia, and this prices are from the first hand, the prices at which we sell our tour packages to travel agencies from countries all over the world.
Most of these tours in Southeast Asia are designed for small groups from 4 to 6 people.

5. Individual journeys, tours and photo-tours of any type around India and South-Eastern Asia.
Also we organize and conduct individual tours on request in all regions of Southeast Asia, first of all - in India.
The programs of individual tours are fully adopted to the needs of our tourists.
Individual tours can be any from wedding photo tours and tours to accompany Filming groups and scientific and exploration expeditions.

6. Collaboration.
 We are happy to cooperate on a variety of areas:
- we organize private photo tours for photo-schools and educational photo-centers,
- we accompany filming groups and ethnographic expeditions,
- we develop routes and organize tours for independent travelers and groups from tourist centers,
- we organize yoga-tours and yoga-retreats in Ladakh, Zanskar and Tibet for yoga-schools,
- we help to organize and conduct trainings of any kind in energy-saturated places in Little Tibet.
- we organize any individual and group tours to the specific request.

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