Calendar photo tours and tours
Calendar photo tours and tours

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Calendar photo tours and tours

About Project PhotoTour Pr Lmd.

We from 2004 year organize and conduct phototours  and tours of various kinds (travel, yoga, ayurveda) to India and Southeast Asia.
On our site you will find details of our next rounds, what is necessary in order to travel, how to prepare for the tour, and a lot of useful and interesting information on the countries in which we operate.
Project PhotoTour Lmd. - the official Indian travel company operating in the Russian and English languages.
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Photo tours and tours calendar
587 USD
1230 / 1350 USD

The origins of Tibet

7.06 18.06.2018 (12 days)
1257 / 1371 USD
1367 / 1491 USD

Female Tour of Ladakh

11.07 24.07.2018 (14 days)
899 USD

Advertising in Tibet

21.07 30.07.2018 (10 days)
1240 USD

Marathon in Ladakh

30.08 12.09.0201 (14 days)
1502 USD

Incredible Himalayas

25.10 3.11.2018 (10 days)
Life as Wonderful Journey.

Calendar of photo tours and package tours.

Calendar of photo tours and package tours with fixed dates. To see the details of tour, itinerary and book a place in the journey, visit any of the links below.

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Would you like to arrange an exotic wedding, do yoga in India to make a pilgrimage? We are always happy to organize a new adventure that we offer you, dear readers and participants. You should only share your idea (dream) - and we will help to organize it.